Essential Rewards

What is it?

What is PV?

Each Item you purchase will have 2 sets of numbers – one with a dollar sign – one without. The number with the $ represents how much you will pay.  The one without represents the PV – or Point Value.  Many products have equal dollar to PV – but items that don’t are either non-oil based items {diffusers, accessories,  etc}, are brand new products or are high value products {Rose and Melissa oils}. When you’re enrolled in ER you are purchasing at least 50PV each month – and you get to pick what comes in your wellness box! 50PV combos

ER Benefits

Each month when you place your ER order you get a percentage back to use as cash! The longer you’re a consecutive member the higher it goes! Rewards Points: 1–3 months: 10% 4–24 months: 20% 25+ months: 25% Monthly Promos – You also become eligible for extra product if your order qualifies you each month Earning Gifts – When you’ve been an ER member for consecutive months you get gifts! At 3 months you get a FREE Peppermint Vitality, 6 months FREE Thieves Vitality, 9 months a 15ml of Tea Tree and at 12 months a blend created by Gary!

Other bonuses:

Yup! There’s more!  You also get discounted shipping on your Essential Rewards order.  Also, when you place order of 100PV, 190PV and more you can get special Essential Rewards promos only available to you when you place that PV amount in your one ER order that month. View this month’s promos