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Rain Droppers

When you sign up under me, joining my team, you will receive a package in the mail from me, with some helpful information and a couple of roller bottles to help you start using your oils when they come in. You will also receive an email with links to some helpful websites, and other useful information. Now, joining our groups is not required but it’s helpful because in these groups is a wealth of information just waiting for you to unlock. While I am usually available to help with any questions that might come up, sometimes there are other people who can answer your questions faster.

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Meet my husband, James.
James joined Young Living to order his oils and products that he loves without having to remember to ask me to order stuff for him. He became a believer when he left his cough be gone roller at home one day and figured out that it really was working for him.


Meet mom, Pam. She joined Young Living when she saw the difference essential oils made for my family. Pam loves essential oils as much as I do, they have changed the way she looks at the products she brings in to her house.