My Oily Journey

This has been quite a journey. Let me share:

In 2016, my toddler son and I were sick with sinus infections all year. We went to the Dr. sometimes twice a month that year. I was just miserable. I ended up with double pneumonia for about 3 months that summer, I couldn’t get overheated (in Texas in the summer, yea I was miserable staying inside), and if I got short of breath or too hot I would start coughing and would get sick.

So, in January 2017, when the baby and I both were sick again, I had decided that enough was enough. It was clear, that doing the same thing repeatedly for the same problem was not working.

I saw that a friend had posted about her essential oils, yes, the ones, I post and talk about any chance I get. I messaged her and asked for help with the specific problems I was having (allergies/sinus problems and being unable to breathe at night). She told me, and recommended the Premium Starter Kit, I did some looking at the YL website and a little bit of research and bought my PSK!

My Kit came in a couple of days later, and I was so excited to get started, I made a roller bottle with some Thieves and RC and started my diffuser with some purification. Thieves and RC were and are lifesavers for us, if you aren’t familiar with the story of Thieves, check out the blog, for my article on it. The Thieves products keep the germs away. I have it in a roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil and RC that I roll on our feet every morning and night.

I can’t look back now, we are doing so much better and while we still get sick, and still go to the doctor when it’s warranted, we don’t get sick like we did back in 2016 and we certainly don’t go to the doctor as often as we did in 2016.