In all of our lives we deal with stress. Some daily, and others not quite so often. There are different kinds of stress as well. This means that not all stress will be eased in the same way as others. Meaning that as far as oils are concerned not everything that works for me will work for you, also an oil I use for one thing might work well on you but maybe work for something else.

That’s the magic of oils, it’s a journey to find what works best for us.

Stress Away is a must have for me, I bring it to work with me on the regular, it has seen me through some rough days for sure. I have been known to rub it on my pulse points when the day starts to get hectic or something major happens, so that I can talk clearly at work,

Peace and Calming is another one that I love to use at home when the house is feeling a little moody. It can help get the whole house ready for bedtime.

The Tranquil roller is my favorite oil though, because my stress will manifest in that area between my neck and shoulders, I roll Tranquil there when my neck starts feeling stiff and OH MY….the pain and stress will just melt away. *a note though, it also makes me sleepy, I don’t recommend using this one if you have to drive anywhere soon.

If you have someone who can give you a nice back or shoulder rub the Relaxation massage oil is another great smelling product that has been known to put me to sleep.

There are so many other oils and products to help reduce stress and it’s effects on our bodies, but these are my favorites for sure!